This is the 3dhtml download section where you can find all published project files.

3dhtml Package
This archive contains the libraries you need to work with 3dhtml, as well as the documentation with API reference and the examples.

Some things related to 3dhtml, e.g. the original Heart3D, which inspired this library.
Add-Ons / Applications
In this section, you'll find add-ons such as 3D model collections for use with 3dhtml and web applications that use the library.

  • TestSuite
    A small and simple javascript file to test the speed of your 3dhtml applications.
    Filesize: 3KB   Date: 28/02/2002

  • 3dtk - 3dhtml Tool Kit
    This is a special tool that provides an easier way of work with the 3dhtml core lib for web developers. Written by Lener Junior.
    Filesize: 416KB   Date: 07/07/2002