4. Tutorials
Welcome to the tutorials section.

In order to understand the principles of 3dhtml, you're advised to read through these tutorials. Each tutorial links to its respective example. Open the color-coded source page so you can have a code walk-through while reading the tutorial.

Table of Content
  • 4.1 Cube3D
    A spinning three dimensional cube.
    Topics: Point, Model, Transformation, Animation

  • 4.2 MouseCube3D
    Interactive cube to rotate.
    Topics: Modulator, Mouse interaction & event handling

  • 4.3 Molecule3D
    Three molecules with different materials.
    Topics: Materials, SceneModel & Pivot

  • 4.4 SolarSystem3D
    Digging deeper into 3dhtml with dependent objects in scene graphs.

  • 4.5 Heart3D
    A bumping 3D heart to rotate.
    Model.copyPointsFrom(), Reflection, two modulators (mouse & heartbeat)

  • 4.6 Particle3D (soon)
    2D ClipButton, particle system

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