5.2 LyrObj

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Content of LyrObj.js:
This class encapsulates a DIV element and provides cross-browser access to its properties such as position, visibility, and clipping. This implementation is the lean core class for working with layers.

function LyrObj(lyrName, nestedRef)
Constructs a new LyrObj wrapping the layer lyrName. If the layer is nested within another, you have to specify the parent layer's name in the nestedRef parameter, otherwise Netscape 4.5x won't be able to find it in the document's object hierarchy.

    String lyrName - the name of the layer as in <div id="(layername)"></div>
    String [nestedRef] - path to a nested layer
    LyrObj - a new LyrObj object for the layer lyrName

function getRef(layerName)
Returns the reference to the actual DIV element

    String layerName - the layer's name
    object - layer reference

function getPos(which)
Returns the current position of the layer, use the CSS names, "left" for x and "top" for y.

    String which - "left" or "top" to retrieve the respective value
    int - the value (without the "px" suffix)

function setPos(which, pos)
Sets the position of the layer, again, this works with CSS names, "left" for x and "top" for y.

    String which - "left" or "top"
    int pos - the new value

function getClip(which)
Returns the current clip value of the layer. The value has to be set beforehand, otherwise the result is undefined.

    String which - "left", "top", "right", "bottom"
    int - the current clip value

function setClip(left, top, right, bottom)
Sets the layer's clip rect property to the rectangle (left, top, right, bottom).

    int left - left clip
    int top - top clip
    int right - right clip
    int bottom - bottom clip

function getVisibility()
Returns the layer's current visibility.

    bool - True if it's visible

function setVisibility(visible)
Sets the layer's visibility.

    bool visible - true to make it visible, false to hide it

function show() {
Shows the layer. Shortcut to setVisibility(true).

function hide()
Hides the layer. Shortcut to setVisibility(false).

function getzIndex()
Returns the layer's current z-Index.

    int - the layer's z-Index

function setzIndex(zIndex)
Sets the layer's z-Index.

    int zIndex

function getX()
Returns the current x position of the layer. Shortcut to getPos("left").

    int x

function getY()
Returns the current y position of the layer. Shortcut to getPos("top").

    int y

function moveTo(x, y)
Sets the layer to the target position (x, y).

    int x - target x position
    int y - target y position

function moveBy(dx, dy)
Moves the layer by the specified diffences, relative to its current position.

    int dx - x amount
    int dy - y amount

function toString(html)
Returns a string representation of the current LyrObj.
The html parameter determines the kind of line breaks:
true for HTML line breaks,
false for normal text.

    bool [html] - true=HTML, false=TEXT
    String - the layer's position, z-Index, clipping and visibility

Helper functions

function fixNetscape()
Intention: After starting Netscape 4.x, the first call to the constructor fails, throwing an error.
This is a fix that simply causes a reload of the page in case the test layer couldn't be accessed. To apply, make sure the page contains the line
<div id="fixnetscape" style="position:absolute;visibility:hidden"></div> and call this function in your onLoad-handler.