5. API Reference
Welcome to the API reference section.
Due to the fact JavaScript does not provide fine grained access mechanisms, we list each method here, even the ones we would have declared private as in Java.

Although JavaScript does not really have anything to offer regarding data types, we'll treat parameters and return values in this documentation as if we had all those ints and floats etc. So in the reference, we'll typecast variables with these basic types: int, float, boolean, String.

Table of Content
  • 5.1 3dhtml
    The 3DHTML core library with lots of objects supporting 3D applications.

  • 5.2 LyrObj
    Provides cross-browser layer access and manipulation possibilites.

  • 5.3 ClipButton
    An easy-to-use multi-state button using a single image

  • 5.4 ColorUtil
    A simple object to store a color and perform Hex/RGB conversions

  • 5.5 Materials
    A collection of materials to draw the 3D models' points

  • 5.6 MouseModulator
    Adds mouse interaction, e.g. to let the user examine the 3D scene